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re: Ped'zir





Name: Ped'zir

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Birthsign: The Shadow

Place of Birth: South Guard, a village in Elsweyr.

Eyes: Red

Fur/Hair: pale orange with stripes.

Body: Slender and athletic however has strong upper body muscle.



Ped'zir has a troubled background. He has little memory of his family as they were killed by pirate enforcers in a raid on South Gaurd. Ped'zir was a fortunate Kahjiit and was spared and through his youth was treated like slave by the pirates that killed his family and pillaged his home village. Years went by and with honeyed words Khajiit soon became trusted by pirate scum and trained in their ranks. The skills learnt on the sea would soon serve him well and as time went on Khajiit would surpass pirate scum. Ped'zir was quick you see, and some would call him nightblade as he used the shadows to aid him. this would be crucial in his revenge, as the memory of the day his parents were killed never faded, and the ones he rode with on that ship would soon meet the same fate. 


It was a full moon the night we ported  bravil for the usual smuggling, now was Ped'zirs chance. They were distracted and they were clumsy in the shadows, unlike Khajiit. One by one the sharpened blade sliced the necks of those who tormented him for so long and revenge was served.


The pirate ship would be sold to noble in bravil for a fair price and Khajiit invested in a small vessel to pursue a more peaceful life as a trader. Business was good with the war until sky opened and darkness fell. Ped'zir remembers very little until he awakes in cold harbour. Khajiit does not think he is yet ready for peaceful life!

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