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About Va Khaj Dar


Va Khaj Dar, 'To be Desert Thief', is not only our name,

It is our way of life.


We must make sure that our Moon Sugar and Skooma trade is not interrupted by this war.

Rahjin taught us how to be thieves, Khenarthi brings us swiftness and S'rendarr taught us mercy, for in his mercy, we stand on the front lines of the Aldmeri Dominion, to see that our alliance with the Elves may be triumphant, and to see that Khajiit continue to walk the sands of Elsweyr. 

The goal of the Va Khaj Dar is to accumulate wealth and power, advance the Moon Sugar and skooma trade, and make way with any other thieves or assassins guild in all of Tamriel

Do'Kosh designed our guild crest which shows this. The diamond showing wealth and power, the two moons Jode and Jone, and of course the warm sands of our homeland, Elsweyr.


There are five tenets to uphold:   

  1. To enter you must be a Khajiit

  2. You may never kill a fellow Va Khaj Dar

  3. You must respect and help fellow Va Khaj Dar

  4. You may never refuse to carry out an order from a superior Officer.

  5. You can never steal from anyone from the Va Khaj Dar

 Breaking one of these tenets invokes  a tribunal and the sentence can go from being stripped from the guild to even being killed for your disrespect. Your name will forever be associated with Renrij (scum)

Qa Dar (unknown thief)
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